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Grandstand Entertainment

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SUN 07/09

7:00 pm Grandstand


MON 07/10


TUES 07/11

First Responder Community Outreach Night

5:00pm - 7:00pm Track in front of Grandstand



WED 07/12

6:00 pm Kids Activities, 7:30 pm Rodeo Grandstand


THURS 07/13


Pedal Pull

12:00pm Grandstand

Livestock Scramble

 - Open to all youth of Logan County

- Registration Forms Coming Soon

7:00 pm Grandstand


FRI 07/14


6:00pm Grandstand

Dan Wallace

Chase McDaniel

All entertainment at the Grandstand is FREE. The cost paid for admission through the gate is the only price you pay.


SAT 07/15

6:30 pm Grandstand

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