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Grandstand Entertainment

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Pedal Pull

1:30pm Pulls Start



WED 07/12


THURS 07/13

Livestock Scramble

7:00 pm Grandstand


FRI 07/14


6:00pm Grandstand

Dan Wallace

Chase McDaniel


SAT 07/15

6:30 pm Grandstand

All entertainment at the Grandstand is FREE. The cost paid for admission through the gate is the only price you pay.

Durant Enterprises Ride Times

Sunday - Open 5pm

Monday- Open 3pm

Tuesday - Open 3pm

Wednesday - Open 3pm

Thursday - Open 12 Noon

Friday - Open 3pm

Saturday - Open 12 Noon

Pricing: $15 for all day wristband

Thursday kids days special $12 Noon - 5pm

For questions about ride pricing or times visit

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